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Lemon BB Cupcakes

Lemon BB Cupcake

These cupcakes are just fun little flavor packages. It’s a “sour cream”, lemon, and basil cupcake topped with a blackberry buttercream frosting. I know, I lost you at basil but fresh basil has a sweet note to it that pairs great with the other flavors.


1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour

3/4 Cup Flour

1 1/2 Tsp Baking Soda

1/4 Tsp Salt

1/2 Cup Greek Yogurt

  • I used 0% Fat Greek yogurt but you can use 0-2% or even Sour Cream just remember that the calories go up.

1/2 Cup Almond Milk

2 Large Egg Whites

1/2 Cup Butter

1 Cup Sugar

1 Tbs Fresh Lemon Juice

2 Tbs Chopped Fresh Basil

  • I used Purple basil which has an even sweeter note than regular basil but any type of fresh basil works.

Zest 1 Lemon


6 Oz Blackberries

1/2 Cup Butter

16 Oz Powdered Sugar

Ok so you’re going to need two medium sized bowls and you’re stand mixer or mixing bowl. In one medium sized bowl you want to sift together all your dry ingredients. Set that to the side.

IMG_2779 IMG_2780 IMG_2781 IMG_2782 IMG_2783

In the second medium sized bowl mix together your Greek yogurt, egg whites, and almond milk. Set that aside as well.

IMG_2784 IMG_2785 IMG_2786

Now you want to melt your butter and combine that and your sugar in the stand mixer.

IMG_2787 IMG_2788 IMG_2789 IMG_2790

Mix in your lemon zest and lemon juice.

IMG_2791 IMG_2792

Alternate mixing in your wet mix and your dry mix until completely combined.

IMG_2793 IMG_2794 IMG_2795  IMG_2803

Take your fresh basil and chop into small fine pieces before mixing that into your batter.

IMG_2804 IMG_2805 IMG_2806 IMG_2807

Line cupcake tins with liners and fill 1/2-3/4 of the way. Bake at 350 degrees for 18-20 minutes for regular sized cupcake and 10-15 for mini cupcakes like mine. Immediately remove the cupcakes from the pan to cool.

IMG_2811 IMG_2812

For the frosting you want to first let the stand mixer macerate your berries. Let them go for 2-3 minutes on medium in the mixer before adding in room temperature butter. Let those two combine together on medium for 1-2 minutes.

IMG_2818 IMG_2819 IMG_2820 IMG_2821

Add your powdered sugar in small parts making sure to fully incorporate before adding more. The frosting should be stiff when done.

IMG_2822 IMG_2823

Now if you’re taking these to a party then I always find things easier if you load them onto a tray before frosting the cupcakes. Once you’re situated then just frost them however you like.

IMG_2824 IMG_2826

Once frosted you’re all set to pig out on cupcakes.


Makes 54 Mini Cupcakes

Serving 2 Mini Cupcakes

Calories 149

Fat 7 g

Sat Fat 4.3 g

Cholest. 18.1 mg

Sodium 95.1 mg

Carbs. 20.9 g

Fiber .9 g

Sugar 14.9 g

Protein 1.8 g

Fruit Pizza

Fruit Pizza

For those that don’t know a fruit pizza is a giant sugar cookie with vanilla frosting and fresh fruit. It’s a really great recipe for your summer BBQ, potluck, and picnic. It’s super easy to make and completely customizable so that everyone is happy.



1/3 Cup Coconut Oil

6 Tbs Butter

3/4 Cup Sugar

1 Egg

1 Tbs Almond Milk

1 Tsp Vanilla

1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour

1 Cup Flour

1 1/2 Tsp Baking Powder


1/4 Cup Butter

1/2 Tsp Vanilla

1-2 Tbs Almond Milk

1 1/2-2 Cups Powdered Sugar

So the first step is to combine the butter and the coconut oil.

IMG_3300 IMG_3301

Add in the sugar and mix in completely.

IMG_3302 IMG_3303

Next add in your vanilla, almond milk, and egg. Combine thoroughly.

IMG_3304 IMG_3305 IMG_3306 IMG_3307

At this point you want to add in all your dry ingredients and the mix completely.

IMG_3308 IMG_3309 IMG_3310

So I have a round pan but if you don’t that’s not a big deal you can use a regular baking tray. You want to spray the baking sheet with cooking spray then lay down a piece of parchment paper. The spray on the pan will help the paper stick.

IMG_3311 IMG_3312

Spread the cookie dough over the pan into one singular shape whatever pan you are using.

IMG_3314 IMG_3315

Bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-20 minutes. Cover the edges with foil because it will take a lot longer for the middle to cook than the outside. When the middle starts to turn golden remove the foil and let the outside finish cooking. Because everyone likes a different done-ness on their sugar cookie is why the cook time is so spread out.


Once done immediately remove from the hot pan onto a cooling rack. Once the pan and cookie are completely cool you can move the cookie back onto the pan. It is easier to frost and decorate the cookie on the pan.


Now I like to make my frosting while the cookie is baking. That way it can set up in the fridge while the cookie cools. Cream the butter first before adding in the vanilla.

IMG_3318 IMG_3319 IMG_3320

Then you want to add in 1 Tbs of almond milk followed by a little bit of powdered sugar. Mix that and then add in the remaining almond milk. Add the powdered sugar in small parts until the frosting is stiff.

IMG_3321 IMG_3323 IMG_3322 IMG_3324 IMG_3325 IMG_3326 IMG_3327

Take the frosting and spread evenly over the cooled cookie.

IMG_3328 IMG_3330

Top with which ever fresh fruits you enjoy best, cut, and devour.

**If wanting to make ahead for a party the cookie and frosting will keep up to a week in the fridge. I suggest not adding the fruit until the last minute so that the fruit juices don’t compromise your cookie or frosting over a larger waiting period.**

IMG_3331 IMG_3336

Because of the fruit and the many different ways to cut the cookie I will only provide the nutrition information for the whole cookie plus all of the frosting. You can then divide that amount by the number of pieces you cut. Don’t forget to factor in the nutrition of the fruit you add as well.

Calories 3,955

Fat 197.4 g

Sat Fat 144.2 g

Cholest. 492.3 mg

Sodium 139.1 mg

Carbs. 523 g

Fiber 19 g

Sugar 344.3 g

Protein 35.8 g

(Vegan) Pumpkin Cheesecake

(Vegan) Pumpkin Cheesecake

I come bearing another vegan (oh so scary) cheesecake recipe. This one is great for the holiday time where you want that traditional pumpkin dessert but you want to try and stay healthier (relatively speaking) and you want to stay away from processed added sugars.



4 Oz Raw Almonds

3 Oz Raw Walnuts

12 Large Dates

1/2 Tsp Vanilla

1/4 Tsp Salt


8 Oz Raw Cashews

1 Can Pureed Pumpkin

  • Look for a can of pumpkin where the only ingredient listed is pumpkin, you don’t want to find any added sugars or salt in the ingredient list

1 1/2 Tsp Cinnamon

1 Tsp Ginger

1 Tsp Nutmeg

1-1 1/2 Tsp Salt (Taste before adding extra)

1 Tsp Vanilla

1/4 Tsp Cream of Tartar

1/3 Cup Coconut Milk (Divided into 1/4 Cup and the rest)

Ok so like any other vegan cheesecake recipe you want to start by soaking your cashews over night in water. Measure them out and cover them completely with water and then set aside overnight.

IMG_4360 IMG_4361

The next day you can bring everything together. Start by combining all your crust ingredient in a food processor. I have learned that they combine easier if you pulse the nuts together 1st before adding in your dates. I unfortunately didn’t do that in this case and my crust crumbs weren’t fine enough so when the recipe was finished the crust was falling apart very easily.

IMG_4423 IMG_4424 IMG_4425 IMG_4426 IMG_4427 IMG_4428

Once you have your crust press it into a 9X9 baking pan and set it in the freezer while you make your filling.

IMG_4429 IMG_4430 IMG_4431

Drain off your soaked cashews and place in in the food processor with the cream of tartar and the 1/4 Cup of Coconut Milk. Let the process for 15-20 minutes until smooth adding a little of the leftover coconut milk in at a time until the desired smooth consistency is reached.

IMG_4432 IMG_4433 IMG_4434 IMG_4435 IMG_4436 IMG_4438 IMG_4440

In a separate bowl mix together your pumpkin puree and your spices.

IMG_4441 IMG_4442 IMG_4443 IMG_4444 IMG_4445 IMG_4446

Once combined add in your cashew mix and the vanilla. Pour this into your prepared crust and let chill in the fridge until set.

IMG_4447 IMG_4448 IMG_4449 IMG_4450 IMG_4452 IMG_4453

Once chilled the orange pumpkin color will be present. Cut 4X4 and serve.

IMG_4599 IMG_4601

Serves 16

Serving 1 Piece

Calories 195

Fat 10.2 g

Sat Fat 1.9 g

Cholest n/a

Sodium 231.7 mg

Carbs 22.7 g

Fiber 6.1 g

Sugar 13.6 g

Protein 4.2 g