About Me!

So I’m Zel, I’m a college student who has a passion for food. I’m studying to get my Accounting Degree so I’m super busy. I love baking and cooking though and every chance I get I’m in the kitchen. If I could handle the stress of being in a kitchen all the time I would probably do that instead. Oh well. I will settle for having this blog and sharing what I do with all of you guys.

I’m quirky and love trying new recipes. My friends and family give me the opportunity to try those new recipes as well as break out some old ones. I’ll try to update this regularly but there are no guarantees.

I’m open to answering any questions so just let me know.

<3 Zel

Why I Cook

I cook because there is something very primal and satisfying about creating something with food and feeding people. To see someone’s face light up when they try something new and they like it is very fulfilling.

I cook because it’s hard to find good wholesome food in the average homes pantries. You can look on any food label and find 2+ types of sugar in a dish that isn’t sweet. People aren’t getting the proper nutrition information to make informed decisions about the food that is being provided to us. So even if my food is not going to be healthy you have all the information on it anyways.

I cook because it is a creative process. I have a high stress life and I need a way to decompress. Being in the kitchen provides that to me. Experimenting with different recipes and flavors to creat something new is a fun process for me. If I can use this to share my creativity I will.


  1. Anthony The Wizard says:

    Great blog Zel!! I look forward to reading your future posts as a fellow food enthusiast! use that super awesome spicy seasoning in one of them!

  2. Joseph Chance Watkins says:

    I Love your recipes, especially ur protein shake recipes. Thanks so much for sharing ur blog with us; Jesus Christ Bless you! 🙂

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