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Real Fruit Margaritas


I love margaritas but they are usually overly sweet and super high in calories. Plus most places use all ice and fruit juice which makes them watery in my opinion. So I make my own of course! Plus Since I have one of the individual blender cups it’s easy to make them just for me.


3/4 Cup Frozen Fruit

1 1/2 Oz Tequila

1 Oz Orange Juice

1/2 Oz Lime Juice

2 Oz Coconut Water

1 Tsp Agave Syrup

2-3 Ice Cubes

Sugar or Salt

So before you juice you lime run it around the rim of your glass and use that to make the sugar or salt stick to the rim. I like either straight sugar or a sugar salt mix on my glasses.

Next add all you ingredients into the cup and blend away! I made one with frozen cherries and one with frozen peaches. Though I also like blackberries and raspberries to make margaritas with.

Pour your blended margaritas into the rimmed glasses and drink to your hearts content.

So with all the different fruit combinations the calorie count differs drink to drink but I’ve found that mine tend to stay around 150 calories yours may be different so keep that in mind.

Bee’s Knees Cocktail

Bee's Knees Cocktail

The Bee’s knees is a cocktail with honey, orange, and gin giving it a some nice floral notes. This makes for a sweet and refreshing summer cocktail. It’s easy, yummy and makes two which is great for date night.


1 Tbs Honey

2 Tbs Hot water

2 Oz Gin

1 Oz Sweet Vermouth

3 Oz Orange Juice

1 Oz Lemon Juice


Club Soda

Ok so in the bottom of a shaker glass dissolve the honey in the hot water.

IMG_8591 IMG_8592 IMG_8593

Add everything other than the club soda into the shaker as well. Fill the shaker with ice and shake for 60 seconds.

IMG_8594 IMG_8595 IMG_8596 IMG_8597 IMG_8598

Strain into two glasses and top with the club soda.

IMG_8599 IMG_8600

Add some ice cubes and an orange slice of that finishing touch.


Makes two

Serving one

Calories 150

Fat .1 g

Sat Fat 0 g

Cholest 0 mg

Sodium 20.2 mg

Carb 16.8 g

Fiber .2 g

Sugar 12.9 g

Protein .4 g

Ginger Basil Lemonade

Ginger Basil Lemonade

Ok so this is not only a great twist on a classic refreshing drink but it also makes for a fantastic cocktail! It’s super easy and very very delicious. The basil lends another sweet note and the ginger gives a surprising spicy note.


Lemonade mix

  • I used a 2 quart mix from crystal light

15 Fresh Basil Leaves

1 1/2 Inch Fresh Ginger Sliced





1 1/2 Oz Whiskey per serving

So to start you want to make your lemonade by bringing a kettle of water to boil.


Then you want to prepare your ginger and your basil.

IMG_8340 IMG_8341

Now I have a 2 quart pitcher that also has a tea infuser that you can place in the middle. I placed my ginger and basil into that. If you don’t have that you can place your ginger and basil into a heat resistant bowl.


When your kettle comes to a boil you want to pour the hot water over the ginger and basil. That needs to sit and steep for at least 20 minutes. After 20 minutes remove the ginger and basil. If you are using the bowl method you want to remove the ginger and basil and then transfer your ginger basil water to a pitcher.

IMG_8345 IMG_8347

Pour your lemonade mix into the ginger basil water. Top this with ice and mix to combine and cool the drink mix.

**At this point your lemonade is done and ready to enjoy.**

IMG_8348 IMG_8349

Now for the cocktail which is what you guys really want. You can muddle a slice of fresh ginger at the bottom of your glass and top with ice.

IMG_8350 IMG_8351

Then pour in your 1 1/2 ounces of whiskey and top with your lemonade. Enjoy this different and refreshing cocktail on a hot summer evening.

IMG_8352 IMG_8353

Nutrition information is hard to obtain. Nutrition is different for each lemonade mix and whiskey sometimes varies slightly as well.

The lemonade can be anywhere from 10 calories to 130 calories a serving depending on the brand.

Whiskey is typically around 100-130 calories in 1 1/2 oz serving.

Pineapple Iced Tea

Pineapple Iced Tea

Ok so I was cutting up a fresh pineapple and I hated the thought that I had to through out so much of the core that wouldn’t have been eaten. So I decided to use it in a wonderful fresh iced tea. Plus it’s wonderfully sugar free.


Pineapple Core


2 Green Tea Bags

Fill a large pot with water and place your pineapple cores in the pot.


Bring the pineapple and water to a boil, boil for 5-10 minutes.


Turn off the heat and place the tea bags in the water and cover. Allow this to steep and cool for 5-10 minutes.

IMG_6779 IMG_6780 IMG_6781

Remove the tea bags and pour the tea and pineapple into your pitcher. Top with water.

**You want to remove the pineapple core after 24 hours so that the cores don’t start to ferment.**

IMG_6782 IMG_6783

Pour into a glass with ice and garnish with a wedge of fresh pineapple. This is also good as a cocktail, with vodka and club soda.


There is no way for me to accurately estimate nutrition information for this recipe but if no sugar is added then it should be very low in calories and sugar.

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