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Trick 4: Macaroons


So everybody knows that macaroons take time and precision. One big thing about them is they require a lengthy drying period. This drying period can be shorter or longer depending on the room temperature and humidity. Humidity is the enemy of macaroons. If the room is humid and you don’t want to wait eight hours to bake the macaroon shells then here’s a trick.

Place the trays on top of the stove underneath the stove fan. Turn the fan on. That will help to wick away the humid air. It will still take time but you won’t be waiting hours to bake, maybe just one.


Trick 3: Oven Fry

Trick 3

Have you ever tried to “oven fry” something so you can cut calories but still have the nice crispiness? Have you ever had it not work? Well there is a solution.

You need 2 items and a third optional item.

1 lipped cookie sheet

1 wire cooling rack

Aluminum foil (optional)

You need a lipped cookie sheet so that the wire rack doesn’t rest against the cookie sheet which would defeat the purpose. I wrapped the cookie sheet in aluminum foil just for minimal clean up purposes. You want to place the wire rack on top of the cookie sheet.


Place whatever ever item you are cooking on top of the wire rack. This allows for the whole item to become crispy because all sides are exposed to the same heat and the bottom won’t become mushy because there is space underneath for the moisture to escape.

Trick 2: Cooking Spray

Trick 2

Have you ever had to work with something stick? Do you ever get frustrated with having to wash your hands all the time because whatever you’re making has stuck to your hands? Don’t worry there’s a trick to help with that.

All it is, is cooking spray. Just spray a little bit into the palm of your hand and rub your palms together to get a light sheen on both hands. This light coating will help keep things from sticking to your hands when you work with them.


I you feel like things are starting to stick just spray a little more and you’re good to go.

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