Honey Peach Pancakes

I love peaches, like really love them. There’s nothing better than that first ripe peach from late spring into early summer. This is a great way to have them for breakfast. I also have this great lemon honey that pairs amazingly well with the peaches, but plain honey (local if you can get it) works just as well.


1/3 Cup Pancake mix

1 Tbs Honey

1/3 Peach Diced

  • I diced the remains of the peach and sauteed it after cooking my pancakes and drizzled it with some extra honey for the top/side of my pancakes.


Start the traditional way by combining the pancake mix with just under 1/3 cup of water and the honey. Stir until just combined.

Pour half of the batter into a heated skillet over medium low heat and let cook until the edges start to turn brown and there are air bubbles all over the top. Sprinkle in some of the diced peach and let cook for another 30 seconds before flipping.

Allow the pancake to cook for another minute to a minute and a half. Repeat with the remaining batter and enjoy pipping hot with your choice of syrup, or just some more honey.

Makes 2 Pancakes

Serves 1

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